Friday, July 9, 2010

Up North

The road "Up North" (what Minnesotans call driving almost to Canada) is a long one, especially when you are invited to a friend's cabin for a Fourth of July Weekend and everyone else in the Twin Cities is going there, too! You drive along Lake Superior for hours, and then you are rewarded. Ahhh...

The birch trees! Is there anything more beautiful? Perhaps the smell of the pines. We arrive at the "cabin" (i.e. beautiful log home) of our dear friends, Brooks and Karen and are rewarded by a "boozey drink"...well, that is, everyone but me, who is allergic to most boozey drinks. Here is our host, Brooks, clearly enjoying the 
early evening.

We are all tired and it is early to bed. We arise the next morning and decide to go visit some friends who were also building a "cabin." So we take off down the gravel road. Wait! Did you see what is at the side of the road?

Here's a better look. They are lupines! My favorite wildflower. They grow in glorious shades of pink, purple and violet. Have you ever read the children's book,"Miss Rumphius"? You must! She is "The Lupine Lady"!

We drive up a tall "hill" and here we are at our friend's "cabin." Hmmm....three levels, it is. 

It really is magnificent. After a tour, we go back to the our home away from home and are joined by Kath and Mike, also good friends of twenty years. That evening, Mike, Jud and I  entertain everyone with the songs Peter, Paul and Mary and all of the verses of "American Pie" (just kidding). 

What else do you do on a long weekend "Up North"?  We go to town to a little art fair and drink real malts. The athletic ones go for long hikes. We cook and eat a lot of great food, listen to CD's of our old favorites, relax in the hot tub, read, laugh, cry and talk of old times. We have a simply wonderful time. No TV. No computer. A wonderful time. 

Monday morning, we go down this gravel road again and home to the city. 

But before we leave, I take a long, long look. Then I carry the memory of the lupines home with me. 



  1. ooo what a magical and wonderful getaway
    I adore Lupines AND Birch trees, just watched Helen Mirren in "The Last Station" and they had Birch trees in that.

    You must feel refreshed!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours Suz!

  2. What a beautiful way to spend a long weekend!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We also love the birch trees around our lake cottage in Maine.

  4. Looks like a wonderful getaway! I do love birches and lupines as well. I can never get lupines to grow in my garden. To hot in the summer I suppose. I wanted to tell you I absolutely love your steampunk charm. I posted the ones I received today. Wasn't that a great swap?

  5. What a wonderful relaxing (cool) way to spend the weekend!!! It's so nice you have so many couple friends!!

  6. It sounds like you spent the fourth exactly how it should be spent.. with people you love to spend time with! and wow.. that "cabin" is pretty awesome!
    will be drawing a winner for my giveaway this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed!

  7. I don't miss Minnesota in the winter, but summer, even though it can be short, sure is nice. Looks like a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a lovely post! That place looks amazing..lucky you.
    Thank you for coming and visiting me the other day...your comments were sooooo sweet.
    I must say I do like your lovely blog and so happy I have now found you too.
    I really must take a peek in your etsy store. xoxoxo
    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. What a fabulous weekend visit...and the lupines..glorious little flowers. Thank you for sharing a lovely bit of nature that I so miss here in the desert.

    xox Rella

  10. Must tell you Suz, Mr Magpie got such a laugh out of your Helen M comment on my blog ... Loved it!

  11. When I lived in Michigan we had "up North" too!

  12. It all sounds so wonderful...makes me want to head to my parent's farm right now.

  13. Oh my, you guys are cute there on the couch. Ahhhh, love it!

  14. Love the lupine, the cabin, the music selection, and all the ingredients for a truly magical trip! Happiest of Blessings dear! kt

  15. Love your story about the get away. Looks like a great time was had by all. I too, love lupine. Every spring we get a huge area on our property of it. I will have to search my
    archives and post a pic. You have a lovely blog. I am new to blogging too.

  16. Those lupines are just lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!



  17. Love the smell of the pines! Looks like you all had a wonderful relaxing time...........

  18. Oh Suz...
    What a sweet & wonderful weekend! & your friends 3 level die for. Do you know what my very favorite thing would have been...the birch trees. I love laying under them & listening to the wind blowing their delicate leaves, just the best!
    Thanks for the journey friedn!!