Saturday, July 31, 2010

Off to a wedding...

As a mother, there is nothing that is quite as fun as watching your daughter dress up. Kat has many lovely vintage clothes and wears them well. Sometimes I feel like I am "dressing my doll" when she gets all foofed up, or perhaps I am reliving a bit of the me I used to be. I also love to watch her and her friends get "beautified" together. 

This is Katy and Katie (known as Kat, from her college years on, to all but her Mom and Dad). They met when they were both in seventh grade. They took one look at each other, visited a bit, and were dear friends forever after. They are loyal and true, through thick and thin, different and alike, and respecting of each other. They have a friendship that has lasted for seventeen years. That is something really special that makes me proud of both of them.

Aren't they adorable? They both have on vintage dresses, shoes and jewelry and look so beautiful. Katy is part of our whole family. She has lived with us two times and she has family dinner with us every Friday night. 

A friendship like Katy and Kat share is one of the things that really matters in life, isn't it?

-Momma Sue


  1. My daughter loves wearing vintage too, and in fact has always preferred it to any name brands. This pic of Katy reminds me so much of my daughter, Carly. She is moving back in with us for awhile as she just finished school and is trying to get on her feet with a new job and saving some money. It is great that your daughter has such a wonderful friend who she can count on, and can share life's ups and downs with. that is so important!

  2. Hi Sue! So fun that they can wear the vintage pretties. What a joy to share such a special friendship! Thank you so much for visiting my space in blogland today. I am working on posting new items to Etsy (tomorrow) and creating a new post tonight. Your sweet message just came through, so I thought I'd pop over and see what is new over here. Much beauty and creating, I see. Congrats on hitting 100. It really is fun, isn't it? Wishing you and your sweet daughter a beautiful weekend. ~ Angela

  3. What absolutely lovely photos! Memories for a lifetime.

  4. What delightful photos and you are right, nothing more special than a best girlfriend. Luv Kat's dress, oh so pretty.


  5. So darling! and so true...nothing is more precious than best girlfriends. It's a beautiful bond.

    xox Rella

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  7. I love friendship stories like this one and they look so darling together! And true, Kat looks like a living doll! Blessings sweet friend,

  8. So, so cute!!! We have a "Katy" in our family as well. I think of her as my own and love her with all my heart. What a blessing!

  9. they look gorgeous indeed! i love their vintage dresses!


  10. Daughters. Yes. I am so happy I have a daughter. Kat is so lovely and she understands how important girlfriends are. That's good. She will never stop needing them. Isn't that so?

  11. Hey Mama Suz!! Those girls look so cute in their vintage (and you KNOW I am partial to vintage :) Daughters are a gift that just keep on giving, aren't they?