Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Steampunk swap!!!

I got the swap charms for the Steampunk Swap and, boy, are they awesome. To see the whole group, go to Christine Edward's site, A Work In Progress. Scroll down to July 2. Aren't they fun? I can't wait to get them all together.

We are a little overwhelmed here. Kat didn't get well quickly enough and I went "Up North" for the Fourth of July. Kat is now off to LA for a friend's wedding and I am wrapping up several other projects (aka"swaps" I can't seem to resist them this summer!) and am doing official duties as swap hostess for one for Silver Bella.

We still have a lot of jewelry to photograph so keep in touch if you are interested in looking. I imagine we will have some up later next week.



  1. Oh my you are a busy
    Am curious about what other swaps you are in???

    Take care and take time to smell the roses : )

  2. ooh la la cant wait to see it.
    hope all is well doll

  3. how fun!

    to answer your question-comment, what i meant by "side-swap" was during a planned and partnered swap, one of my partners and i decided to "go rogue" and make an extra goodie for each other. i hope that made sense. hot + sleepy = me!


  4. Hi Suz, Thank you for stopping by. I have just tried to go to the sight to see the charms you have made for your group, but found myself at a Bible study site? There was not a way to scroll backwards. Have a lovely week ahead! Elizabeth

  5. How fun, Suz! I love swaps - made myself take a break for awhile this summer, but I'm itching to get into another.

  6. Suz~I went over and looked at the charms! What fun...and yours were really cool =) I always love hearts~steampunked or not!

  7. The charms look amazing! What a treasure trove of goodies!!!

  8. I love the idea of a mother/daughter team! I have two grown daughters. But I imagine we'd kill one another if we tried such an ambitious venture!

  9. I just visited Christine's blog and saw all the wonderful steampunk charms! Wow! What a fabulous swap! Good health blessings are being sent your way for Kat! I cannot wait to see what you add to your Etsy shop! <3 ~ kt

  10. hi Suz!! I love the photos of your jewelry!! Especially those photos of the craft/jewelry show? I love seeing how people set up their tables! Your's was beautiful and those vintage fabric flowers were lovely!! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!