Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Angel Agreement...

"Weeell," said my dearly beloved one day. "We have too many angels in this house and need to get rid of some. And I think for every angel you bring into the house, you should take two out."

Oh, dear. How will I manage this? It is no secret that I dearly love all of my angels! I could never part with any of them.

Certainly not quirky Faith, who I bought at a Christmas fair. I got a similar charmer for my dear friend, Donna, then thought....oh, I think I need one myself. No, certainly, Faith could not go!

Then there is this handsome male angel. He was copied from an illustration by Tomie Di Paulo and I love his soft colors! I remember getting him over fifteen years ago, when there was a discount room at Midwest of Cannon Falls. Those were the days. No one had a clue they were getting one dollar ornaments. He will have to stay. 

This lovely pewter one...never! I know Jud rues the day that our friends, Jo and Sheryl...and I, decided we would exchange angels at each Christmas. Look how detailed she is! A whole village on her dress!

This young man (yes, it is a man) was purchased in New Orleans several months before the disaster. He has a tear coming down his face. His painter was a fireman and used a wonderful, large-stroke pointillism. I think this angel knew what was about to happen. He is here to stay. Settled. 

Look at this one...she is radiant! I love how she glows. She is brimming with spirit! Could I ever live without her? I think not.

Ah, the bathroom collection. I gave this to Jud for a present...teehee. I think he is really a cherub so he doesn't count. 

And the little angel shelf. Doesn't she contribute to the cutest bathroom vingnette you have ever seen? Why these two pieces are so special that my neighbor girl pronounced this bathroom her favorite room in the world when she was just fifteen. How can you argue with budding taste like that?

Well, Jud actually bought this one. Hate the cactus, not too crazy about the angel...maybe she could go...heehee!

And this young lady was given to Jud by a female colleague who saw all of our angels and thought we needed another one. She could go, too...haha!

So I tell Jud that I have chosen the angels that will go. The last two, which were gifts for him! 

"Hmmm..." he says. "I guess we don't have to get rid of any yet."

So, in the next few months, I am very good. I don't hide any of my favorites when the Christmas ornaments are put away. I don't tell my friends that I must have angels for my birthday. I don't just happen to bring home a cute one from the Easter fair. 

We visit San Miguel, Mexico, and I fall in love when I see this lovely trio. I sigh. I know that I don't dare suggest adding another one, much less three, to our already angel-loaded decor.

Jud surprises me that night. "Did you see the three carved angels at the store we were at today. I think they would look great in our bedroom."

My heart leaps. The next day they are ours.

I call them "The Supremes Go To Heaven." Don't ask me why. 

I think they know they have broken The Angel Agreement. When I watch them, I think I hear them snicker a little bit...right along with me!



  1. I absolutely agree with you - none must go. And I love the name for your three latest angels - perfect! I'm an angel collector too - I have far less today than I used to but you HAVE to keep your favorites!

  2. Your blog is wonderful - I love the angels, love the jewelry and love the fact that this blog was a gift to you - how cool is that! I visited your etsy shop and your creations from vintage jewelry are lovely! You girls really have talent!


  3. Hi Suz, thanks for stopping by! I didn't know you have a Bichon and a Maltese, that's great. Love both of those breeds. I just didn't want the white, since we live in the woods half the year! Yikes, hard enough keeping me clean! I love all your angels. If I had to pick one to toss, the one if the planter! Sorry Jud! Ha ha. Take care, Riki

  4. Too fun!
    Oh,,,,I have to smile at the Universe all the way around here....First I've been an Angel and Cherub collector for years!

    And,,to top it all the first two posts are from two of my dearest blogger friends! So glad to find you guys during Karen's events and it will be SO fun to meet in November at Silver Bella!! Cannot wait!

    Hugs and thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, Suz....I love angels too, and none should go! They have been keeping you safe watching over you ~ right??? Never too many angels in the house....never!
    Loved coming along seeing all your angels =))

  6. Thanks for sharing such a great post!! I so enjoyed getting a peek at your angel collection. And, the latest additions are beautiful--Plus I love the name you have given them....

    You just always make me smile...Thank you!

  7. Hahaha. I guess you can't ever have too many angels. Uh, how do you get rid of demons, that I'd like to know!

  8. all so sweet- i love the first one very much!

  9. Silly Jud. What a sweetie he is!! That practical side just needs to be nudged over-waaay over sometimes. Especially concerning angels!!!
    Say hi to the Supremes and laugh with them!!!

  10. Your blog is just so beautiful and lots of inspiration thats for sure

  11. What a great post Suz, Jud must have just been having a moment of ??? LOL
    Your New Orleans angel is so powerful on so many levels and beautiful too ... you have a mighty fine angel collection and I know you've just shown us the tip of the collection perhaps heehee
    I can think of much worse things to collect ... a house full of angels must be heavenly!

  12. You have a wonderful angel collection! I particularly like the crying one that you bought in New Orleans! I'm glad you don't have to get rid of any of them yet!

    Sandy xox

  13. Such a neat collection....thanks so much for sharing. No....don't get rid of any!! Collections are special. Lincoln (my son) searched for hours yesterday for his 'Woody' (Toy Story) collection...I hate to say it...but I think we got rid of it. He (and I) are very SAD!!! We LOVE collections.

  14. I collect angels too and I can imagine parting with any of them! I adore the Supremes trio ~ those are so marvelous and a very cool story to go along with them.
    Summer Blessings my dear!
    ~ Katie

  15. Haha... such a cute story, Suz!

  16. Hello Suz
    I loved reading your Angel Post...I am a collector of about everything! Sometimes I decide I must get rid of things and never can so I know exactly how you feel. I am so excited to be in your wonderful swap! I want to start working on my necklace and gather treasures for it but have to stay focused on my trip. I am so looking forward to seeing you and Donna again at SB. Hope we have some classes together. Hope your having a wonderful summer and hugs to you Pinkie

  17. Suz,
    Thank you for sharing your angels and "story" with us today...brought a huge smile to my face : )
    And truly one can never have too many angels, can they? No, definately no!

  18. I love all your angels...what a sweet story today. How could you part with any?
    Hugs for an angel of a weekend. xoxoxo

  19. This was fun. You have some wonderful angels, each so unique and special. Funny, the only one that I thought "could go" was the cactus angel.

    Once again, thank you for your kind words about my mom. I'm trying to get back to blogging...I'd love for you to visit me again.


  20. what a funny post! LOL. If I had to go through my collection and choose which had to go......nope, couldn't do it.

  21. What a wonderful collection! - especially "the Supremes Go to Heaven." And what a charming story to go along with it. Love the post - and your blog! Next, I'll have to take a look at the jewelry...

    It was good to meet you and Kat this morning at the White Bear Lake estate sale. I hope you have been enjoying your book purchases!

  22. I think it's been reported many times that we seem to have a shortage of angels (gasp!) and not the other way around. Isn't it one's duty, therefore, to cherish, give shelter to, name and otherwise tend to all who fly our way? Great job as angel-tender, Suz!

    p.s. and of course my comment word scramble was FLYFEST