Monday, June 28, 2010

*Spoiler for my partners/Petite Inspiration Matchbox Swap: Paris Edition*

Kat returns tomorrow and it is time for the swaps to end for awhile...back to jewelry and putting our Etsy store back together. We (usually Kat) have a lot of jewelry to photograph  and then we (usually Kat) writes a poetic description of the piece-in other words, a lot of work! I am ready to follow in my daughter's footsteps and learn her tricks!

I couldn't resist another of Heather Rowley's (Speckled Egg) swap. This one was a bit of a challenge, as I wanted an Eiffel Tower on top. 

Here is a picture of the box. I used black and pink as my colors. It is hard to see the print on the box because of the pink tulle bow but it is  black damask (and one of those handy photo boxes from Michaels!). 

 The box is covered with black and white toile with a black trim at the edges. There are two layers of fluffy pink lace at the bottom and back of the decorated box. I covered a heart with the toile and decorated the heart and "stand" for the tower with pink and white paper flowers.

I did manage my Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was a sticker, so I painted the back with several layers of Elmer's Glue until it wasn't a sticker anymore! You can enlarge this if you want to see details. One thing you cannot see it that it has small pink candle-cup legs underneath. The tower will be safely wrapped in a little box and my partners will get to glue it on top. 

I cannot seem to contain my goodies. I know I am an "overboard" sort of person. This is the inside of the box and it is filled with treats. The matchbox is also filled with little treats. I can see some printed french-themed ribbon, a little box that has "Oui" and "Non" earrings and a damask sack that has a bar of lavender soap and makes it all smell heavenly. There always has to be candy, which was included for no good reason except for its pink color. I sent them copies of French ephemera and a fabric flower pin with the button face of a little black and white-colored French woman in the middle. I also went into an obsessive tag-making frenzy and sent them many French-themed tags. Of course, there are pink beads. Two cute little bottles full. I also sent cupcake-toppers made of French chocolate advertisements cut in a circle and surrounded by pink lace. 

If you look carefully at the back of the tower, you can see what is holding up the Tower...a cork covered with pink paint and flowers. That and a blog of E6000 glue. What would I do without my E6000?

Come back again soon for Kat's return and the reopening of our Etsy shop!



  1. I hear ya! These swaps are so fun but about to kill me lol! Your partner is going to love what you have made here! ~Shelley O.

  2. How precious! Your partner is very lucky:)
    Have a great day! Twyla

  3. What a heavenly swap box you have created ~ your swap partner will be "head over heels" I am sure!!! You are so clever with your cork stand for the tower! I hope your swap box is just as wonderful ~ I don't see how it could be more! Bless your gracious heart my friend!
    ~ Katie

  4. Suz,
    Tres Jolie, mon amie.
    Just to dang cute for words. Lucky, lucky partners!

  5. What a fun swap! Your trading partner is in for a treat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!!

  6. I can smell it from here, beautiful.

  7. oooh la laa! cie bon!!! you have a lucky trading partner

    brilliant idea too to put glue on the back of a sticker ... I have a wine label that needs the stickiness taken off it

    TFS Suz!

  8. OMG Friend...
    You really have such a talent for creating beautiful things...this piece is so fun!! Your swap partner is going to love it!!!
    Can't wait to see all the goodies your going to list on your etsy, you girls make some of the coolest things.
    Smiles Friend,

  9. What a cool box. I love the Eiffel Tower. The colors are so pretty.

  10. Hi Sus~
    Oh the Eiffel Tower is just scrumptous....I love it. I have been thinking of you often....I said today to Stephanie more swaps for me for awhile...but oh it is so hard to resist. I have spent all day in the craft room doing some much needed catch up work....sorry Lola Rue...but it is your turn now!! Can't wait to see you again in November at Silver Bella....of course I did sign up for 3 swaps for that!!!

  11. Hi Suz and Katsui!
    You visited my blog and left a very sweet comment, thank you so much!
    Oh gosh, your swap partner is going to be over the moon happy, what a lot of fun goodies!
    Happy Tuesday,

  12. Love that sweet box!! No one packages gifts as fabulous as you do, girlie....

    Glad to hear that Kat is coming home soon. Bet you can't wait to just wrap her up in a big hug...

    Good to be back. Had a good vacation, but I just love my home (and my routine)...Heading off to the pool now with my two youngest. Not really in the mood, but keep thinking that the day will soon come that they won't want to spend a hot summer day with me, but their friends...

  13. Hi,...thanks for stopping by my blog. When things slow down, and I can breathe, I will update it. Your blog is so beautiful. Love the side panels...
    Until Then,
    Val :-)

  14. Ahhh, but "overboard type of people" make the best of friends!!!
    can't wait to see what's new in your etsy. and i bet you can't wait to see kat!!

  15. Oh, that's darling, Suz! Your partner is going to love it!

  16. Hey girls,
    I love Heather! I did the bird matchbox swap, I had totally awesome partners & made out like a bandit. I love your box, whoever gets it will be thrilled to pieces. I love that A6000 too, but do you ever use Fabri Tac? It's my new fave, works great on jewelry. Lisa
    PS I'm trying to get back in the studio to make more resin.

  17. Wow! Really beautiful work! I wish I could have joined in this swap but I was already participating in a million other ones. I must learn to control myself with swaps, lol!