Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Old...

Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...was a wonderful swap, hosted by Linda Smith of A Swap for All Seasons. We were to gift our partner in each area, then send a wedding picture. These are the presents that arrived at my house last week, given to me by my swap partner, Amy Marshall, of Creative in Kansas (who lives five minutes from my brother, Rick!). They were wrapped in blue paper, gilded bird paper and blue chiffon, embellished with vintage wallpaper, tulle and jewels and were quite a beautiful site. It was all I could do to not unwrap them right away (but I knew I needed to get a picture of them all wrapped up...I resisted).

This is a picture of my unwrapped gifts all together. Underneath everything is a gorgeously illustrated Hallmark book on gift-wrapping. What a treat! I took it right to my bed with me and have soaked up a little each night. Just a delightful book...perfect for me!

Amy gave me some gorgeous blue things for my table. I actually set the table so I could show you how beautifully they fit into our dining room. In the center of the plate, you can see my napkin tucked into the gorgeous beaded napkin rings that look like Fourth of July fireworks. At the top left are one of a set of ceramic sorbet cups with ceramic sorbet spoons. They are perfect. As I told Amy, Jud and I love to entertain and have special things like this to put on our table.

This is the "over the chair" picture to show you how beautifully the cups and napkin rings match everything in our dining room.

These lovelies decorated the packages. They are a cute silver fleur de lis charm, three vintage rhinetone pins (!!!) and two vintage silver lockets and a charm on a silver chain (!!!!). Can you believe it? Are these not perfect gifts for someone who loves vintage jewelry?

You will never guess what these are. I knew because I had seen them on Amy's blog and knew she wore them at her recent wedding in Jamaica. These are barefoot sandals! You wrap the big loop around your heel. the little loop fits over your second toe. Next year, I want to make some of these for the fair! They again are in lovely turquoise.

This would have been enough. Amy perfectly captured my colors, my taste and my before-bedtime reading material. This is the gift that I will never, ever forget. I did not get a wedding picture. I got...three strands of old turquoise, each separated by tiny shell beads (called heishi). This is an unimaginable gift. I cannot tell you how overcome I was...in fact, I walked around the house all day in a stupor, wondering how I could thank her.  I am still amazed by the generosity of my dear swap partner. It is impossible to capture the beauty of these beads, especially to me, someone who loves beautiful stone. They are amazing, clearly crafted by hand and graduated in size. They are perfect in their imperfection. Does that make sense?

Included with the strands was a note that said, "My grandfather did a lot of trading with the Indians in New Mexico/Mexico. We have plenty of this to share." I am so grateful and find it hard to find words. All there is to say is, "Thank you, Amy. Thank you."



  1. WOW. What a glorious swap!!! And I really love the color of your dining room chairs!!
    And the new header???
    Doesn't Susie do a great job? So cool!!!

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  3. what lovely and perfect gifts! isn't it amazing how a new online friend can become so dear to our heart so quickly? enjoy your treasures! Linda

  4. wonderful charming and so generous!
    had to be a real delight to open too!

  5. Wow what a wonderful swap partner you had with all those treasures.
    I have passed along the Kreativ Blogger award to you and hope you are able to share the fun. Please check my blog for details.
    Happy creating...

  6. Oh, what you failed to mention is how excited and delighted I have been with all of your wonderful gifts! It was by far the best swap yet, I just need to get on the ball and blog about it all! Thank you again and I look forward to meeting you sometime when you are in town!

  7. Oh how fun. It is fun to make wonderful creations for a swap but it is also so exciting when the happy mail arrives, is carefully opened and then enjoyed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, Suz! What gorgeous swaps! What a kind friend she is...all beautiful!

    Thanks so much for your visit...and such kind words! So nice to meet you! I'll be back often to say hi!


  9. aren't swaps amazing? the first time i ever did a swap, it was just a little 1 on 1 swap and i was overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things my partner sent to me. ever since i aim to give someone that same reaction of wow!

    blogging is just crazy-special, isn't it? i always love your comments. thanks so much!


  10. How fun was that.................I love your swap idea. You sure did hit the jack pot girl! I do love swaps. I think anyone who makes and creates likes to be included in swaps.

    I love your new banner.

  11. Your swap gifts are dazzling! Such treasures! And the blue ~ I love all of the blue! The barefoot sandals are delightful too! Could not have happened to a nicer gal ~ and your post was a very fun read ~ thanks for sharing with us! Many Wonderful Saturday blessings my dear!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog Suz! Love your blog - the colors are fabulous! How lucky you were to be gifted like that by your swap partner. Those barefoot sandals are wild - I'd never heard of them before but it makes sense. How fun. Hugs!

  13. Hi, Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! You got some amazing items in your swap for the wedding exchange! I also participated and am so glad I did! You have a wonderful blog and I adore your header!

  14. That sounds like such a wonderful swap . . . and your jewelry below is just stunning! I love the tropical piece in particular. Thank you for your kind comments about our studio (my mother/daughter team!) and good luck with your new blog, it is beautiful. Kristin xo

  15. Hi Nice to meet you!!!

    What a nice blog you have!

    visit me anytime...

    besos from so far away


  16. Doesn't it feel like an early Christmas when you open a package given by another blogger?

    Btw, I love your new banner!

    Sandy xox

  17. Hello! Great blog you have. Thank you for stopping by mine and leaving a nice note for Where Bloggers Create :-)

  18. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my studio post. Your blog is lovely.



  19. what sweet gifts! i like!
    thanks so much for sharing with us all...

    and also...for coming to visit me!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  20. What a beautiful blog!!! Thanks for the wonderful words on my blog! I love that you get the whole blur the real and fantasy that I was going for because I want my place to be a respite, sweet and soft for the weary. Blessings dears!

  21. Oh Suz...

    Thank you for visiting me. What a joy for me to find your site. I'm loving my visit and I promsie to come back again and again.

    Love to you! You both are MORE than talented. Very blessed.


  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog during the Where Women Create Studio Party Saturday. I am finally getting to blog hop around to see some of these wonderful blogs! Love yours, love the header too. What a great swap you had, the barefoot sandals are just too cool! I'll keep checking back to see your new posts!

  23. what lovely gifts!!! they really do go perfectly on your table. the turquoise is very special, how lucky you are indeed!

  24. Those blue beauties look stunning against your blue dining room. What a perfect gift!

    My heart immediately attached to those pins because they are the exact kind that my grandmother used to wear.

    You mentioned on my blog that you are a fellow fibro sufferer. What a pain, huh? (pun intended) I am convinced that keeping creative juices flowing helps with the mental/emotional aspects of it.

  25. Be still my heart...I love that vintage jewelry! Thanks so much for coming over to visit me and taking a stroll through my studio.

    Thank you for visiting with me and strolling through my studio..it's been a labor of love to finally have it all in place...what a journey this past year has been!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  26. Hi Suz, What a wonderful blog you have!! I am currently in an oriental/turquoise faze and I'm loving it! My bedroom is a lovely bluish/turquoise like your chairs and I have found several pictures that are very oriental and from about the 50's. Yes, life is more difficult when there is no creativity in it--God gives each of us this ability to create and we often let the trials of this life steal it from us. I am so glad to have 'met' you and have joined as a follower--let's keep in touch and keep each other encouraged!! Lots of love and blessings, Pat, A Remade Life

  27. I love all that beautiful blue in your swap. I did her last swap and it was so much fun. I hope to participate again real soon. Thanks so much for coming by The Vintage Nest. The door is always open. :)

  28. What beautiful gifts - isn't it amazing how generous bloggers are - I am continually amazed. The turquoise and the vintage jewelry are so gorgeous. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.

  29. i love your blog i also make vintage jewelry there are some pieces in older posts!! i would love to share and see what you think im also new to the blog world i started indecember thanks for the lovely comment
    xoxo lizzi

  30. Hi "Girls!" I'm not sure who posted on my "Where Bloggers Create post" on my blog now...LOL

    I've recently did a "Swap for all seasons Event" with Linda,,,,she is WONDERFUL!!!

    Okay,,,,who is going to Silver Bella??? Both of you??? I WILL BE THERE TOO! WITH my Dear Blogger friend Lulu Kellog of Coastal Sisters! Ackkkk!

    I met Jo Packham a couple of weeks ago at "Farm Chicks" over here in Washington State. I got VERY lucky! She was doing a book signing and I had lost my sister in law so I was wondering around and JO WAS Free! No people in line,,so we got to chat. She signed the latest Qrly for me,,,as I have all the rest. And I asked her,,,,,,"Now tell me WHY again we are going to NEBRASKA in Novemeber???? LOL

    Let's stay in touch,,,I haven't done too much with the Silver Bella Site yet,,,,I've been too busy!

    So glad to find you girls,,,,please email me and bring me up to speed!



  31. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You are such a sweetie. Taking the time to go back through my archives. I really appreciate the time you took to leave me such a thoughtful comment!

  32. Hi Suz! I am always so surprised to find comments from you on my cutesy blog when yours is elegant beyond words. Your new banner is perfection! Your swap gifts delightful. The colors of your choice so remind me of my home growing up. I enjoyed seeing the Kimono hanging in your fair booth and again favorite pieces from previous posts. The sandalless jewelry is a must for next year! I hope you enjoyed the blogging event, and I hope to see your creative space soon! Elizabeth

  33. Hi Suz, What a grand swap and Amy sent you beautiful treasures perfect for you. I love your dining room setting.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments at my WBC party. I have so enjoyed my visit here on your lovely blog. You are so talented and blessed. I am now a happy follower too.

    See you soon,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  34. What wonderful gifts! I love my blogging friends - they're so generous, kind and helpful. Looks like yours are too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm a lover of jewelry (do a bit of beading myself) and vintage anything! I'll be back, for sure!

  35. What a great swap! I wanted to get in on it but I had already committed to 4 Paper Cowgirl swaps .... it sure looks like fun though. I like setting a nice table too & used to be known for it but lately, all the creating I seem to do is in my studio. LOL You got some wonderful goodies but the vintage turquoise is awesome!

  36. Hi Suz ~ What a Beautiful Swap, I Love the vintage Brooches..... Thanks for stopping by the other day, I Finally got the New Cord & Photos Uploaded, Hope you will get a chance to stop by sometime....
    Have a Wonderful Week