Monday, June 7, 2010

It Rained...

...but I did not go home. We made our usual "rainy day" income...which wasn't too bad. But then, it was in my own neighborhood.

The neighbors came out in full force to help and to buy. Some helped us set up and take down. Some came and lent a hand while we sold to the crowds :) Some brought us hot coffee and "fair food" (fats and sugars...the best!).

A table slid down the incline into the mud and collapsed. Muddy jewelry all over. Jud saved the day and  caught the table by grabbing it from back of the tent in the street.

Today, I am hacking like crazy. It was worth it. I think. It sure was fun to see all of my friends and neighbors and to meet new ones. Thank you, all of you.

P.S. This is one of last year's pictures. Kat has the memory card in Mexico. I didn't understand that she meant THAT memory card...but now I do. I will have this year's pictures to show you very soon!


  1. Sending you hot tea and honey wishes and blessings ~ I love your attitude and only wish I could have been there! I do hope you place the left overs some place where we might have the chance to purchase? Blessings dear heart.

  2. What a cute little booth there, rain or shine ,been there~!

  3. That is the 'beauty' of an outside show isn't it, but you saw the sunny side of it all! I am glad you had a good time, and that your table of jewelry didn't go off the deep end thanks to Jud!
    Have a hot will do you good =)

  4. I wish it rain more here!
    Aren't you glad that you loaned me the card so that you can share my travels with me!
    You can always use the cord to download pictures! I know that it is hard to work with technology when your younger half isn't there!

  5. Suz, my but it sounds like quite a day. Living in the pacific NW we are used to doing everything in the
    Take care of that cough, keep well.

  6. I hope you looked that happy this year!!:-) Crazy lady!!!

  7. I was thinking about you on Saturday as it rained! And Sunday was so beautiful! Rest up, there are loads more fairs coming up, are you doing more this summer? I eventually will meet up with you, I can feel it!
    PS- we need another Mexico update!!!

  8. Oh My about the weather! That is never fun to cope with, but it sounds like you made the best of it.
    What a gorgeous booth photo, it really should be in a magazine!
    Take Care ~ Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Hi Friend,
    I hope your feeling much better by now & if not are at least on the mend. Weather & outdoor shows are always an never really are quite sure what you'll get, but your booth from last year looks amazing & I can't wait to see your booth from this year!
    Stay dry...smiles,

  10. hey doll,
    super cute booth.
    im sure all the peeps loved your stuff, even with a little mud. tee hee

  11. HI! I wanted to come by and thank you for stopping by my blog! I have sent you an email about the CD....what a pretty pretty blog you have! I can't even imagine a table taking a slide! You must have had a very rainy day....we will not see those for weeks, maybe months now. It was 110 yesterday! YUK!!!! Sandy

  12. Oh my, I really don't like it when it rains. Glad to hear you survived Suz! Hope you're feeling much better. I'm glad you recovered your table and jewelry, you never know what a day will bring, huh? Take care, and thank you so much for your warm thoughts about my loss. I sure appreciate it Suz, its good to hear stories. Hugs, Riki

  13. I tried to email you earlier, but it bounced back??? I received three emails today about joining the Paris swap. The swap is officially closed, but 3 players = another group! I'd love to have you play. Let me know if this works for you and I'll send the group info!!! :)

  14. You look so sweet in the photo! What a pretty smile, girlie....

  15. You booth from last year is lovely!! I'm sorry the weather this year didn't cooperate, but I'm glad you had a fun day anyway.Please take care of yourself and feel better!!