Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fine Artsy Wedding...

In Rapid City, at the end of the summer, for the wedding of the son of my dear crafty friend, Donna. Here are myself and good old friends, Anita and Morey. We are out at the park where the wedding was held that evening. Donna had made eighty glass lanterns, many lit paper lanterns and had decorated parasols. We were all there to help put it all together. 

The women are dressed and waiting for the happy event. My Kat, me and friends, Di, Janice, Anita and Mary.

I thought Kat looked rather smashing, here in her retro dress, later covered with a leopard sweater.

Woody, one of the most handsome grooms I have ever seen, waited happily for his beautiful bride. He and the groomsmen wore bowties that belonged to Jud. The wedding was actually held on our anniversary. I was very touched. Artists and crafters, note the flowers, torn out of paper and made by the bride, that fluttered in the breeze.

The stunning bride and her father. She made the beautiful flower that she carried. Major Wow!!!

The bride and groom speak their vows to each other, under the weeping willow trees, while the paper flowers were blown by a gentle breeze. 

And for the reception, the bride made even more of these gorgeous flowers. I was dazzled!!!

Lawn games, a buffet dinner and a pyramid constructed by the wedding party. What a beautiful, happy wedding!

Alas, my friend, Donna, was so busy that I did not get a picture of her and of her husband, Art. I will find one from a friend and print it later. She looked lovely in an incredible short sleeveless dress and matching sworovski crystal jewelry.


  1. Oh it looks like a wonderful day Suz! You and your friends look so beautiful all dressed for the day and I LOVE the first pic of you too! And Kat does looking darling in the lovely red dress!!!
    I am sending many hugs for the week...

  2. Hi Suz...
    What a fun & crafty wedding you went to & the wonderful honors for Jud are amazing!!
    Those paper flowers almost make it look like a scene out of Alice & Wonderland, how fun. ;)
    I'll email you tomorrow & we can start playing on your bloggie, I'll need all your sign-in info again.
    Big Hugs Sweet Friend, love you dearly!!!

  3. It looks like it was a lovely wedding and so glad you enjoyed yourself. Those flowers blowing in the wind are wonderful!

  4. artsy weddings are wonderful! so glad you enjoyed yourself. and how sweet and touching that Jud's bow ties were worn! happy to see your smiling face Suz! xoxo

  5. ooo how very precious and sweet ... gave me nice chills reading and looking at your photos of the happy couple dear Suz!

    That Jud was not only there in spirit, but represented by his bow ties too ... oh my that really touches my heart

    thank you for putting a smile on my face by sharing your joy and friendship and dear smiling faces!

    rest well dear friend!

  6. How wonderful to read your post and see you looking so lovely my dear. Kat is such a retro beauty. This wedding is memorable and it will mean so much more that it was created with love from hearts and hands. Blessings...

  7. What a beautiful outdoor wedding! I love seeing how creative weddings are these days with all the personal touches. Looks like it was a lovely day. You look great!

  8. How Fun!! Looks like a great Celebration! Kat looked awesome in her red dress! Thanks for Sharing!Big Squishy Hug

  9. Wonderful!! I LOVE the giant flowers. how freaken cool those are! and that they wore Juds bowties.. soooo awesome! I'm glad you had fun.
    Also.. Kat looks marvelous!! (so do YOU!)
    Have a great week Sue
    ps.. I sent a response to you on facebook. I hope you got it. xo!

  10. What a truly beautiful day...with so much heart and love...blowing all over the place. Just gorgeous and full of happy sunshine. Thanks for sharing Suz, and good to see you back.

  11. SO HAPPY to see you back and posting, my friend!!!!
    What a beautiful wedding, the flowers are stunning. Looks like everyone had a great time.

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  13. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you........the photo I put on my work bulletin board remains. I look at it every day and send out a little wish for you.......and how blessed I am to see your posts......this lovely wedding on such a special day for magical so love-filled. Bless your heart and I so look forward to seeing your posts again.

    Love to you and Kat xox Rella