Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Favorite Tree

This is one of the reasons I love living in Minnesota. The change of seasons is so incredibly beautiful and lends such a lovely natural rhythm to our lives. 

Every year I have a favorite tree. Oddly, it is always a different one. Each seems to show its beauty in its own time. This one is right down the hill from my house and I get to pass it each day and watch the magic of its changes.

Fall, glorious Fall!


  1. Stunning colors!
    That kind of splendor can really take your breath away...
    we are not quite there yet here in N VA
    but soon I think
    Happy rest of the weekend dear one

  2. Dear Suz, I have goosebumps as I have had you on my mind lately, and there you were in my comment section. I am overjoyed by your wonderful news about your daughter's engagement. We just can't stop this life of ours from moving forward. I know this is why the past is so precious to us all. I look forward to following this latest chapter of your journey. Always, Elizabeth

  3. Stunning pic Suz! such beauty to behold.
    Lovely to have you back in blogland, I popped over to your wedding post, what glorious flowers bending in the wind, stunning.

  4. It is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by the other day Suz :)

    Sandy xox

  5. Beautiful photos. Here where I live the leaves are changing their colors very slowly - yes, maybe because we´ve had a lot of rain this summer...and still have! Right now here in Germany it's all gray and rainy all the time. So this post lifts up my spirits!

  6. Sue, What a fun wedding you attended outside. Oh my, those large roses were beautiful. How creative the bride was! Lovely fall wishes sent your way. Elizabeth

  7. Beautiful! I wish our spring and fall were longer.