Saturday, January 28, 2012

News about Jud...

We talked to Jud's doctor yesterday. Melissa had consulted with another physician and they did not see any blockage. Their conclusion was that the elevation in Jud's tests were from an increase in the cancer itself. We discussed all the options. There are no other clinical trials Jud would qualify and no other chemo agents that would be of help.

We had a wonderful meeting with our minister, Cathie Crooks, later in the day. We both just love her. She is such a special person and always makes us feel more at peace.

Jud and I made the decision (with his doctor's approval) that we would take a week's trip to Mesa then return and engage the services of home hospice. They will begin by giving us minimal service then continue to increase it as Jud needs more help. He is still up and about and still eating, though he feels what he can only describe as "malaise" and is not really hungry.

We are wrapped in our love and that, and our faith in an afterlife, continues to sustain us. The love and caring of our friends, as always, holds us in a circle of warmth and caring. We are deeply sad but we are also at peace.

I would like to thank all of you for your support of me. Some of you are friends from Silver Bella, some are internet friends. You all have been wonderful and have been so helpful to me.

Now, as always, "the greatest of these is love."


  1. Oh Sue... I am so very sorry. I will continue to keep you, Jud, and your family in our prayers as you go through this difficult time. I pray that you may continue to find peace, and that you feel the loving arms of our Father in Heaven around you! Sending you lots of love!

  2. Wrapping you in my arms with love!
    My mac lost 1/2 my addressees- would you please send it to me my friend?


  3. Maija and Heather said it well. I am so glad you feel the love and prayers that are enveloping the three of you. Jesus is rocking you now....let him comfort you.

  4. Oh Shoot, Just a BIG OLD HUG!

    Love to you both.

  5. No words, just my heart full of compassion and empathy for the three of you and the world of people who love having Jud on earth. Hugs.

  6. Dear Sue and Jud,
    I'm so very sorry and sad.Maija and Heather said it really well - what more can I say?
    Wish I could give you both a real big,gentle hug.
    Sending love and prayers dear friend.

  7. Dearest Sue,
    We are praying and lifting you up to Our Lord and Savior. You, Jud and Kat are so blessed to have each other. Enjoy AZ. Know we are praying....Big Hugs~Stacie and family....

  8. I am so sorry to hear this, Suz...I am praying for the peace which passes understanding now, and pray that you both are surrounded with LOVE from friends and family, the angels, and God above. Your faith is a witness to us all. I hope your time is Mesa is a blessing to you both...XOXO

  9. Dear Sue
    I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am to read the news within this post. It surely was heartbreaking for you to sit and write it but I hope that the sincere wishes from someone such as myself can bring even a wee bit of comfort to both you and Jud.
    Sending positive wishes and there is also a little hug of comfort being sent your way.

  10. Dear Suz,this makes me so sad to read, so sad for you two and your daughter.
    I have followed your blog for maybe a year now, and have from start felt the love and faith every time visiting you- I know this will help you both in this so difficult time to come. I pray it will be a pieceful time, -that you can both have a happy week together in Mesa, and return home, to be surrounded by the love from friends and family- and as Linda sayes , may the love from God and his angels surround you both.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  11. Suz- As always, I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you two.

  12. Hi Suz,
    My prayers are with both of you and truly "the greatest of these is love..." I had written to you a month ago about a movie called Burzynski that is on Netflix about a dr. who has a facility in Texas...I don't think you ever got the letter. But, if you download that movie, I think there might be info. on their that could be helpful. Love,

  13. suz and jud,
    my heart aches
    for you both.
    i pray that this
    time will be
    full of quiet
    peace for you
    both as you
    continue to share
    your precious love.

  14. Dear Suz,
    This sad news is heart breaking but I sense the same peace and grace that my Mom had when she reached this point in her illness. That grace comes from a strong faith. We wrapped her in our love and were so grateful for the hope and assurance that God provided. May you rejoice in all the good times and love you have shared with Jud. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.
    With much love, Laura

  15. Oh dear one...sending you both my love and on going prayers. Your courage and faith has inspired many! Our ever loving Father will surround you and I know you will feel His love and he will give you the strength you both need. Please keep us posted and let us know of any special prayer requests that you might have. All my love....xoxoxo

  16. Sue, sigh. I just don't know what to say. I'm so, so sorry. I glad that you have found comfort where you can. My prayers are with you both. Jen

  17. Dearest Suz,
    Right now my heart is aching for you, but I know how strong you are and how your faith is utmost in your life, so I know that you will get through this all. My prayers are with Jud and you all. I am so thankful that you too know that there is life beyond this one and that your love will continue just as it has here. I am happy that you and Jud will be taking another trip together and want to wish you nothing but love and laughter on the way and home again.
    sending my love to you today dear Suz...

  18. I am saddened to read this post but confident in the amazing Grace of God to see you through this time. You have both lived your lives with dignity, humor, strength and faith. You have spent the past year doing important, making memories, loving each other as always. Go to Mesa and feel the warmth of the sun on your faces and hold each other close.
    You are ever in my prayers.

  19. Holding you all in thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

  20. oh dear.. this is just not the news we wanted to hear. I'm sooo sorry to hear this. I'm so glad you have faith and that you know how things all turn out in the end. Have you read the book, Heaven is for real? You should.. a true story about a little boy. a very easy read I read it in an evening and then the next morning. I hope you'll read it.
    You both will be at the top of my prayer list.

  21. hi suz,

    i saw the comment you left for joyce and popped right over. i so admire your strength, honesty and most of all, your faith.

    i wish you bright sunny skies and smiles in mesa.

    sending hugs and warm healing throughts your way, always.


  22. I have no words, just love...and prayer...and the photos of you both and of Jud raising his walking stick victoriously above his head. That is how I envision you love and courageous. xox Rella

  23. The great love you share must be where all of your strength comes from.

    I admire the grace with which you both have moved through this horrible beautiful time.

    I hold you in my arms from here.

  24. I am not sure I myself could write what you have just written Suz. For that I have a great and deep respect. Just know, that it has given off a light that we ourselves might need to follow one day. God's perfect light shines bright thru you my dear friend.

  25. May love's warm embrace continue to comfort you during this tender time.

  26. As always, dearest Suz, your faith inspires me. I have faith in those things, glad you're finding peace right now.

    Sorry I've not visited in a while...been on a blog break for a few many things at home needed my undivided attention, and I sure gave it to them! Feels good to be back in blogland & visiting my dear friends...

    You are both, as always, in my thoughts and prayers...sending much love your way, dear friend...


  27. Not the news any of us wanted to hear. I know exactly what you are feeling dear Suz. You are a strong brave woman and an inspiration to all of us. You are in God's arms now and he will care for you and Jud and your daughter, Kat. I'm happy you got the OK to take the trip to Mesa. Although a bittersweet trip, it will be good to have a change of scenery and spend time with each other free of doctors, hospitals, tests, and treatments.
    Safe travels and hugs my friend,

  28. Jeanne sent me over, Sue. May God hold you both so closely in His loving arms. Prayers are lifting for you both. So many gals are walking in your steps in bloggyville right now. My precious friend Kerrie @ kerrieskorner just lost her prince this weekend after a 7 yr battle.

    God's Sunset by Marilyn Lott
    The golden globe of sun drops down
    It’s the ending of a day.
    It’s as lovely as a painting
    He designed them just that way.
    No matter what will happen
    As we stumble through our life
    We’re not alone – we never are
    God helps us through all strife!

    TTFN ~
    Hugs & prayers,

  29. You and Jud will remain in my prayers. I pray that God will lift you up and give you strength as you need it. Big hugs!

  30. So very sad to hear this. I will be praying with you and Jud.

  31. Hi Suz,

    You and Jud are always on my mind and in my prayers lately. It must be God wrapping His arms around you both and reminding us all to pray. Have a safe trip, I'll be reading your words when you return.

  32. I'm so sorry the news is not what was hoped for. Enjoy your trip, and enjoy each other. You're in my thoughts, and wishing you the best.

  33. I am sorry to hear that there aren't more options for you to try. It's a tough time when they tell you you've tried everything. Prayers going out to you, for courage and stength. My thoughts are with you both. Hugs.

  34. You and Jud continue to inspire and lift us all up even as you face this final chapter...
    there really are no words to express what is in my heart...
    I can say it is a blessing to know you Suz even from afar...
    please feel my heart reaching out to yours again and again...
    I am here if you need me
    dear ones!

  35. Oh Suz, I will be praying for strength, peace and miracles for you and your beautiful family during this time. I believe in miracles and I believe that there are still some waiting for your family. I think about you often and wish I could do more for you. BIG smiles and the Squishiest of HUGS!!!

  36. Words cannot begin to express how truly sorry I am Suz.
    I wish you and Jud so much Joy and Happiness on your trip to Mesa. Memories that will last a liftime.
    I'm Sending you a pm.
    xoxo Lynn

  37. Oh, my sweet, sweet friend.
    Know that you are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I wish I could be there to hold your hand, to bring you a cup of tea, to be a go-between for you.
    all my love,

  38. Oh, Suz, my heart just aches and I hope that you can feel all the love that I have for your and Jud. Your walk with faith is an inspiration to me and all who know you. May God continue surround you with his love and give you all strength. Enjoy your time in AZ and know that you, Jud and Kat are in my daily prayers.

  39. Oh Suz,
    I was so saddened to read your latest post, but love shined through it. I know you will enjoy this trip and will pray that special memories are created for you to love and cherish.

    Praying for peace and strength for you and your family during these next months,

  40. Blessings come in many ways. Sometimes you have to pick away the threads of pain to find the strongly woven plain cloth underneath, sometimes you just softly gather the threads that raveled a little and admire their gentler beauty in imperfection. Blessings and hugs to you both.

  41. Oh Suz! I don't even know you but my heart aches for you and Jud. You left the sweetest comment on my blog. I'm so glad that you have a great minister. My ministers have been such a comfort and help to me as I figure out how to continue on without my husband. I will pray for strength and courage for you and Jud for the days ahead. Hugs, Kimberlee

  42. Suz, continuing in prayer for you and Jud. xoxo, Lisa

  43. I am holding you both close in my heart.

  44. Dear Suz,
    This is such a beautiful post and it brought tears to my eyes. You are so strong and I admire you so much and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these rough times. You are such a bright light! A trip to Mesa will be a nice and special getaway. Wrapped in love... such a beautiful statement. It's so true.

    All my very best,

  45. I got home a half-hour ago from the airport. I couldn't go to bed before telling you that you and Jud are in my thoughts and prayers and I send you all my love and faith and anything else I can that's positive and loving. I hope we can talk on the phone one of these times. I have so much to say to you.
    Colette xoxo

  46. My heart goes out to you both. I will be praying for you to find peace and love in each other.

  47. I will pray that the peace you feel will continue and sustain you through this time....the peace that passes understanding...

  48. Your love and faith are such a gift to be treasured as you and Jud travel this path of lifes journey. Hugs and love...strength and courage...all with such grace.

  49. Sweet Suz,
    Thank you for taking time to stop over at my blog for a visit. I have missed you dear friend. What a difficult journey you are on right now and I pray that God and his Angels with help you both on this path.