Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year...New Word

Last year, my word was "Hope." I bought a necklace that said "Hope" and wore it all year. At Christmas, Jud gave me the cutest necklace that said, "Hope floats" and I have added that to my bejeweled neck.

This year, my word is going to be "Courage." I think this year is going to require more of me, as Jud's illness progresses. We are in Rochester right now and Jud is going through a series of tests. Tomorrow we will meet with another doctor (our third here...UGH!). We have been told by the dear Melissa, his oncologist at home, that Dr. Rubin is kind and skilled. We really need "kind" right now. We are quite sure the scans aren't going to look good since the cancer blood test (tumor marker) indicated an increase in tumor activity.

I ordered a great necklace from Beth now I will have three necklaces that are my talismans for the year. It is one of those terrific ones with the glitter inside! They are nice to touch in weak moments!

I will write as we know more, but will end with another one of my favorites. Such a lovely version, I think!

P.S. Now that I haven't totally screwed things up, I would like to thank Susie at Vintage Susie and Wings for my new look. I wanted more room but had a hard time giving up my beautiful Van Gogh borders. At the same time, I wanted room for larger pictures. She gave me a new look with the lovely lotuses at the side. She is so talented and she is a wonderful person to work with and know. Thank you, dear Susie. Her logo is at the right side, if you are interested in her services!


  1. I already think you are one of the most courageous girls I have ever met Suz. Your faith and spirit warm me through and through. How thankful I am that God brought us together in this thing called blogging.
    Thank you for this friendship dear one. You and Jud are always in my prayers.
    much love...

  2. The Serenity Prayer is so powerful.
    And my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    xoxo Colette

  3. Dear Suz,
    thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog-you are such a wonderful person ,also caring for others, even in this hour ,where you and Jud are waiting for maybe not so good news----you are a beautiful person-and like June write, already so very full of courage --and Jud also .
    My prayers and thoughts goes to you both.

  4. Popped on over to return your visit and am ever so glad I did....your word of the year tradition is a lovely inspiration. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for your courage in the year ahead.
    Fondly, natalie jo

  5. Hi Suz, I am just so sorry to read this post. My heart is breaking for you and Jud. You are just the sweetest person and I wish I could give you hug right now. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Happy New Year. Hugs, Terri

  6. hi suz - i'm sorry...i hope and pray for your DH's health...xo

  7. suz.. are you in rochester Ny???? I live very there.. you must let me know and if you are I think we need to meet!
    email me

  8. The courage to accept, Suz, that seems to be the hardest one to manage. I wish you and Jud many peaceful and happy moments in the coming year. Big hugs!

  9. Hope and Courage are strength builders and you will have that strength as you and Jud travel this journey together. Kindness really is so important and I hope your newest doctor does have kindness. Prayers and Blessings Dear...

  10. Dear Suz,
    my heart just breaks reading this post and I don't know what to say.Courage you already have and hope is something one never should give up.
    Wish I could just give you a real big hug.
    Sending love and prayers,

  11. Your blog looks beautiful.


    Yes. You have exemplified that to me already.

    You. I love.

  12. Oh is such a very good word, one we wish we didn't need, and you show so much of it. Sending prayers for that courage, peace, and kindness...XO

  13. Suz wishing you all much courage and strength at this time, not easy to start the year this way.
    Your blog looks lovely, the new look is fab!
    Sending big hugs your way Mx

  14. imagine all of your friends in a BIG circle of Love around you as you keep making your way forward dear ones

    I am continually inspired by your and Jud's courage...holding you close always
    Love your new blog look...I have a thing for Lotus'
    word verification: bleste

  15. I think you may be one of the most courageous people I know, Suz.
    My love to you both.

  16. Courage is exactly what you need right now, my friend. Hope was my one little word last year ( you and I both know the significance the word hope has in the world of cancer. ) My heart goes out to you and Jud during this time. I know how difficult it is, but you are doing a great job handling all of this with so much grace.

  17. Courage is a very good word for the year, Suz--well chosen! You are both in my thoughts and prayers, as always...

    I'm so sorry I've been such a horrible visitor this holiday's been pretty busy! Our last guest just left two days ago, if you can believe it!

    Wishing you both a lovely, peace-filled weekend, dear friend...


  18. Great words dear one...and oh how I adore Beth Quinns creations. Hugs and love...xoxox
    Your new look is lovely. xox

  19. Suz~
    You have been so very brave for such a long time. You have inspired all who read your blog and follow your and Jud's journey.
    I love Patty S's image of all of your friends gathered around you in a circle of love. Know that many are holding you both close in prayer.
    My heart aches for you both. I will continue to pray for strength for you and freedom of discomfort for Jud.

  20. May God give you both lots of Courage indeed- as you go through this difficult time!!

    Big Hugs!

  21. My heart goes out to you, Suz - I trust that our Lord will provide a shelter for you to turn to in the difficult times, and wrap His arms around you, providing you both with comforting reassurance that He is right there with you.

  22. Thinking of you. Warmest wishes & thoughts your way.

  23. I love it. My new word is "metamorphosis". And I hope that word melds with YOUR word and gives all sorts of things to Jud!

  24. Thinking of you Suz. Praying for you and Jud and that you also get the kindness you both need in addition to the courage you both have already shown. xoxo

  25. Dear Suz,
    Sending all best wishes to you and Jud and hoping that his treatment is going well..Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  26. Oh Suz, my heart goes out to you and Jud!
    Hope is a fine word, and has been with me my entire life. Courage too, another good word, without it many of us would be lost. I am so glad you have hope and courage.
    You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  27. Thank you for sharing my sweet friend...I am sending you both oodles of prayers and love....xoxoxoxo

  28. hello, dear suz...hoping you are making it home safely...i know the weather has been frightful west of here...thinking of you...