Friday, May 27, 2011

Chinatown In Living Color...

Here we are in San Francisco for the marriage of Karen and Cort. Karen is the son of our best man, Charlie (or Chark, as Jud and I still cann him). 

I love Chinatown. Jud and I lived here innSan Francisco for two years after we got married and called it our two year honeymoon. What a fun time for us two kids from South Dakota!
While Jud visited Haight Ashbury, Suz, Kat and Ashton, Kat's boyfriend took in Chinatown. Here are a few random shots of this fantiastically colorful place. 

Kat has always wished she were a mermaid. 

Suz loved Aslan the Lion long before he hit the screen.

You can always spot Ashton by his bandana!

We were perplexed that we saw many Christian churches but no buildings representing  Buddhism.

I would love to live in an apartment and decorate the outside with  yellow, red and green. 

We made a mess at our Dim Sum lunch. Yes that is a fried rooster foot holding our chopsticks.

We finally found Buddha in a restaurant.

Suz and Kat, both needle-phobic, kept their distance from this acupuncture office.

Aren't the grocery stores interesting? We didn't have the slightest clue what most things were but they were very pretty!

A great afternoon in Chinatown. Suz went home to nap while Kat and Ashton continued to explore.

The End. 


  1. so colorful! but that rooster foot would have made me lose my appetite!
    I'm glad youre having some fun, you really deserve it!

  2. oooh! fun! i love Chinatown! never went there when i was in San Fran, but love the one in NY and Toronto! thanks for sharing Suz! happy weekend, xo nat

  3. Ahhh...San Francisco with its incredible Chinatown. There is no other place like the City by the Bay. Glad you are enjoying some R & R. Happy and Safe Memorial Weekend...

  4. Great photos! I have been to SF many times, but never to Chinatown...I really should have gone!

  5. What a great tour, I would love to see such a city part once...
    You looks both so sweet, in photoes.
    Wish you a wonderful week-end,dear Suz-and
    Hugs from me-DORTHE

  6. So good to see a smile on your face Suz! What wonderful family time making beautiful memories!!
    Love you.....

  7. I love San Francisco's China Town! I haven't been there in years! I still have the hole punch for belts that I bought back in the mid 80's. We have a really fun China Town here in L.A. and I've also been to the one in Seattle, which was a lot of fun too. Great pictres you've shared on your blog today! So much fun! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

  8. oooo thank you for the wonderful and fun fun pics!

    We had such a great time the two times we were there and lucky you two starting your married days there...SF is an amazing town in so many ways...we long to return again someday!

    Hope to see some wedding is always a treat when you take us along :)
    Enjoy * Enjoy!
    p.s. Kat is my kinda gal...
    I have this mermaid connection too...sesame toasted seaweed is one of my fav snacks even :)

  9. How fun for you ~ love seeing all the sites through your eyes! I totally get the mermaid thing ~ today at the beach (were in FL)I saw a little girl put on a mermaid tale. They actually make them as swim accessories. So Kat's dream could come true! Xx ~ Katie

  10. What wonderful pictures of you and your sweet girl in Chinatown, Suz! We need to get up there again--so much to see!

    You're all in my prayers...sending much love to you, my friend!

    Julie--A Vintage Chic

  11. It looks like you had your fill of sensory happiness while in Chinatown...keep enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and all the lovely memories.

  12. Thank you so much for visiting my blog recently and leaving such a sweet comment. I always love to meet new bloggy friends. Love your photos. I grew up near SF. Went to college there and lived in the city for several years. This place holds a very special place in my heart. :)

  13. Loved your visit to Chinatown, especially the picture with your beautiful smile.

    Have a great time in CA.

  14. Oh wow, it looks like you had so much fun! What an awesome trip! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us, looks like it was amazing!

  15. Sounds like a fabulous fun time! I personally have never tried dim sum, but my hubby loves it! I am a picky eater! LOL! I hate needles too but accupuncture REALLY does help and sometimes is the only thing that helps me when I have a really bad day with Fibromyalgia!
    Hugs and many blessings to you Suz

  16. What a fun day! Fried rooster foot and all!

  17. Beautiful photography and great stories!
    Love that Rooster foot story. Thanks for visiting me today. take care, gerri