Monday, February 20, 2012

In-Patient Hospice...

(Jud is now in one of four rooms in this great big hospital. Jud worked here once a week and was welcomed by friends)

Excuse me for just copying the Caring Bridge journal I wrote for Jud but I did write it myself!! I am at home. The fuzzy butts are sleeping where Jud's pillow was. It is so precious! They are so confused but happy I am at home. So here are my words...

Dear Friends,
I read Jud's Caring Bridge entries every day. They have sustained me and held me up so I have the strength to proceed through the year with Jud. Thank you so very much for such a huge gift.

After several agonizing nights, we made the decision, with the help of our wonderful hospice nurse, Kari, to put Jud into Inpatient Hospice at Methodist Hospital. It was the right decision. He has been in agony and they have helped him find some comfort. We could do much at home but we just weren't set up for an IV pump. I came home to get some rest and Kat volunteered to stay with Jud. After three weeks of constant nausea and discomfort, he seems to be resting comfortably. What a huge relief. 

He will be there for several days and then we will decide what to do next. It is a great relief to know that we have such good help in making these decisions.

Thank you, each of you, for all you have done for Jud this year and for all you have done for me and Kat. We have floated on your words of hope and caring. I noticed that you can get published copies of a member's Caring Bridge. I plan on doing just that. It has been a remarkable year. We have so many highs and lows but we have been blessed by the beautiful words and caring of a loving circle of friends stretched all around the world.

For this, I will always be grateful.



  1. I am glad Jud is getting some relief and rest and I hope you can rest as well, Suz...praying for comfort and peace...XOXO

  2. Sending love and prayers your waySuz....I'm glad he's feeling comfortable. Big Hugs....k

  3. I, too, am so thankful he's comfortable now. That is such a blessing. Love and prayers coming your way.... feel God's love wrapping around you.

  4. Thank God for the promise of Heaven. God bless your precious hearts. You are in my prayers every day.

    Really big hugs,

  5. Dear Suz,
    I`m so happy for you both, that this option was posible- and that Jud could be brought to the In-Patient Hospice, to have the right treatment for him to feel better.I think it is so very importent to make it so much bearable , as posible is.
    Suz, you are in my thoughts, and prayers, -Blessings to you both dear friend.

  6. comfort is what Ive been praying for. I'm glad that your have both found some. I'll continue praying. ((((((HUGS))))))
    Our god is an awesome God... I'm glad that you both know that.

  7. I'm so pleased that Jud is receiving in-patient hospice care and getting some much needed relief. I think it is good for you too. It's wonder that you have those services available to you. Thanks so much for keeping us all posted about Jud's progress.

  8. Holding you all close to my heart with prayers of comfort and Peace constantly swirling around you

    All Love to you
    Light Dear Ones

  9. Being surrounded by family, friends and loving care is so important. Rest up to renew your strength dear Suz. Prayers and comfort for all...

  10. So glad your sweet husband is in good hands and being comfortable!

  11. Sending more love, thoughts and prayers for strength and peace, Suz.

  12. & more hugs!

  13. So glad that Jud is finding comfort from the pain. I wish I could come up with the words to give you comfort, but I am at a loss. Please know that you all are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs your way.

  14. Suz, I'm glad that Jud has gotten some relief and comfort by being there...I pray that he continues to be well taken care of. Always thinking of you two and praying for you...xo natalea

  15. Oh dear glad you were able to make that decision together, and that's he's getting some relief. As always, you're both in my prayers. Get all the rest you can. Wishing for you all the peace in the world, dear friend...thinking of you...


  16. I hope you are taking care of yourself and are sleeping.

    Know that I deeply love you.

  17. Suz, sending you all continued love and support... Mx