Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Royal Wedding...

Yes, it really was a Royal Wedding, one of the most incredibly beautiful weddings I have ever attended. The wedding was held in the historic Flood Mansion which overlooked the San Francisco Bay.

We all arrived in great spirits. Kat's boyfriend, Ashton and I shared a laugh...

...then Jud and I shared a kiss in front of the huge bay window. It was a little cloudy but the sun came up and there was...

...the beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge.

After wine and fabulous hors d'oeuvres, the Reaney Family Club waited for the wedding to begin.

The service was beautiful. A couple who were friends of the bride and groom officiated.

All too soon, the wedding was over and Karen and Cortland were husband and wife.

Then the room was rearranged and the tables were set up. 

They were decorated with planted trees which had real white orchids wired to the branched.

The table settings were lovely. Each one had a gold charger and a copy of the menu.

I had "beef two-ways." It had both filet mignon and braised ribs covered with a rich wine sauce.

Then there were lovely toasts. Karen and Cort were deeply touched. 

The bride and her father danced together. The rest of us looked on a snuffled.

Katie danced with Jud, as the evening light trickled through the windows. I danced three dances and was done with that for the night! We dined on a dessert buffet, rather than a wedding cake. It was a nice touch.

Then my limo came and took me away. Well, to be honest, it was a big bus that took me home but it took me right to the door of our B and B! 

It was a special wedding. It is so moving to watch the children of our dear friends get married. 
Thank you, Karen and Cort and Charlie and Kathie, for such a touching, memorable time.

(Thank you to our dear friend, Iver, (aka Greg Iverson) for the pictures of the RFClub and the recessional of the  bride and groom.)


  1. What a beautiful wedding, Suz! So glad you were able to have such a "royal" experience--just gorgeous!

    So glad you shared this tonight, dear friend...it's wonderful to see you all smiling...

    Julie--A Vintage Chic

  2. Just like a fairytale. Breathless and beautiful. Fabulous memories for all. The Reaney Family Club looked so royal for this occasion. Happy memories...

  3. A wonderful wedding and, everythink looking so beautiful- the four of you smiling and having a good time- very beautiful dear Suz,

  4. Dear Suz,
    what a beautiful wedding and everything looked
    just perfect!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! So beautiful and you all looked beautiful too. Cute pics of you and Jud. : )

  6. How beautiful, and what an amazing setting!

  7. Such beautiful pictures Suz! It looks like it was such a grand day. I have a special place in my heart for San Francisco. I spent so much time there in the 80's and 90's, while living in the Bay Area. I'm glad you had fun!

  8. Suz! This looked like a fabulous Time! What awesome pictures you shared of YOUR family and the Bride and Groom! I can just TELL by your post that it was Magical! I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time!

    I'm just home from Farm Chicks in Spokane....I had a wonderful time too, especially enjoyed my time with my fabulous Sister in Law whom I don't get to see often enough! We shopped, played and ......well, you'd best stop over to my blog and see who I got to catch up with,,,Ahem....I think you'd know her from Silver Bella! (You might have to go back a post or two now)

    LOVE YOU to pieces,,,I am SO glad you ALL had such a great time and thanks for Sharing....I truly felt like I was "there!"

    Big old Romantic Wedding Hug and a Bus on the Cheek!

  9. So beautiful! I love that picture of you, Jud, and the bay. you are gorgeous

  10. Wow, that WAS a beautiful wedding! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Lovely photos, especially the one of you and Jud!

  11. Oh, Suz!
    this looks like a dream wedding!!! What a wonderful time-it's all so magical!
    p.s. love you in purple!

  12. So much love and joy in the air...it's all so beautiful.

  13. oh so beautiful in every way...your photos and narrative make me feel like I got to go along for a bit...thank you for sharing such a precious and sweet time dear Suz!

    now I must shift gears and get back to clearing out...oh not my idea of fun that's for sure...but things are WAY out of control here...

    BIG hugs to you all ways!

  14. Looks like it will be a favorite memory for sure! What a storybook-like event and I enjoyed every moment of it you shared ~ how wonderful and beautiful! The most~being, seeing your faces all lit up and glowing! Lovely Blessings beautiful gal!

  15. looks like a wonderful wedding to attend! have a great week Suz! xo natalea

  16. Beautiful, romantic, and so, so special. I loved each and every photo......but mostly the one of you and Jud in front of the bay window.

    xox Rella