Monday, March 28, 2011

Pay It Forward...

How could I resist? This sounded like a lot of fun!

I met Tabitha at Silver Bella. She is adorable and makes wonderful things. She has a terrific blog... be sure and take the time to visit. So...I signed up on her site to 

Pay It Forward

The first five people who signed up get a homemade gift from Tabitha. 

I agreed to do the same thing! This is open to the first five people who sign up. Now since it is a handmade item it doesn't have a due date. I love the thought of paying it forward... Please join me!
If you want to join email me at
To participate there are few requirements:
1. Write a post about paying it forward.
2. Make 5 things and mail out to the five women who agree to pass the generosity along....
Fun, huh?


  1. My Computer doesn't like Microsoft Mail,,,I don't know what is up with that Suz! It's been an issue for a couple of years now,,,,and I blame it on my Youngest,,,,,although HE pleads "Not Guilty!"

    Anyway, TADA......I sent you a package full of Goodies today! Yep,,,,a "Modified/embellished" Yard Egg,,,,,,,your little Bird Box and bits and bobs of Spring! I hope you enjoy! I would think it would be there by Friday,,,,But maybe sooner! I hope you enjoy!

    Hugs, Love and a Big old Blooming "Bus" on the cheek!

  2. You have so much love to give Suz. You inspire me everyday.

    I am so glad we crossed paths.

    Loving you.

  3. Suz ~
    I applaud you for doing the PIF. I am doing it too. Your pay it forward button is so pretty just like everything on your blog. I signed up for Silver Bella today. I hope you are having some wonderful moments this weekend! Love to you!
    ~ me