Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sing along with Suz...

 ..accompanying you on the baritone ukelele!! Today we will be singing Suz' favorite song from the 1970's...

Well, no matter where I wander    
I know I'll always find a welcome.      
At the end of every journey      
There'll be friendly people waiting.    
California, could not hold me         
 Though I loved her timber mountains    

Susan and Gary
Susan and Jud

Susan and Jud

Photo by
Worked her fields and worked her orchards

Up and down her Central Valley

I'm going HO-O-OME

Well, I am not really going home but those are the words to the song and I wanted to show you what we are missing in Minnesota right now! In truth, we are currently in Mesa with Jud's parents and sisters, having a wonderful time, eating, shopping, setting up a laptop for Jud's father, writing in my Brave Girl Journal, eating, shopping (repeat again). 

 We will be here until a week from today and then we will go back here

The Stanford Cancer Center

For this


description of photo
The Stanford Cancer Center became on Sept. 16 the first treatment center on the West Coast and one of a select few globally to offer cancer patients the TrueBeam, a machine that represents an exponential leap forward in the speed, power and precision of radiation therapy.
The TrueBeam linear accelerator is capable of delivering radiation at a faster dose rate than most conventional linear accelerators. This advance translates into shorter treatment times for patients. The time for a typical radiation treatment could be cut in half with the TrueBeam. Other special features improve the accuracy of treatment so the overall duration of a course of treatment may also be shortened from several weeks to just a few days.

Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. Jud has a long road ahead of him and this is an important step. We are hoping that SBRT therapy will shrink the tumor to the point that he will qualify for Whipple surgery.  That would make a huge difference for him. His attitude is great and he is getting ready to "move along" the treatment path once again. 


  1. Thanks for the update on Jud, and giving us the latest treatment information. I loved singing along to California with you =) It sounds like you are having a fine time in Mesa....wonderful!

  2. It looks like you are in fabulous hands in California! Keep up the good spirits....and keep singing! Love you!

  3. You and Jud and your family will remain in my prayers. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

  4. Good to see your spirit shining through. Thinking of you dear Suz.

  5. I will continue to keep you, Jud, and your family in my families prayers! It's good to "see" you in happy spirits.

  6. Suz, Isn't this a miracle! To have this wonderful technology available at this moment is truly inspiring. I loved your singing! E

  7. You both have a wonderful attitude which makes a huge difference in an healing journey!

    Oh how I {heart} the part of CA you were in...something tells me there is not part of Cally that I would not like...

    You continue to be remembered in prayers morning and night...
    Take Care Dear Ones!!!

  8. Enjoy every single second, my friend. You are never far from my thoughts.
    much love,

  9. Our Kansas winter is nothing like a Minnesota winter, but I'd still be happy to join you in Mesa.

    You have such a positive attitude- it's an inspiration on how to handle difficulty. You and Jud are in my prayers.

  10. Jud is such an adorable doll (can I say that about a man?). I'm thinking of you all, you know that, I hope!

  11. Suz;
    Thinking about you and praying for you both. May you truly enjoy this time together and be blessed immensely! Big hugs to you!
    You are never far from my thoughts.

  12. Hi Sweet Suz!

    I am keeping you and Jud and your family in my prayers dear heart.

    Sending you lots of love,

  13. I'm so glad you're having a great time in Mesa with Jud's family. Jud looks wonderful in those smiling photos!

    The TrueBeam machine sounds incredible...I'll keep praying!

    p.s. I have to admit that I didn't know the "I'm Going Home" California song - but I found it on YouTube, and sang along with the Kingston Trio. :-)

  14. Sending you oodles of blessing my sweet friend. xoxox

  15. Beautiful photos, Suz...I'm glad you are enjoying your special family times! I will keep you and Jud in my prayers, that all will go well! XO

  16. Sounds like you are having a great time. I adore the pic of the tree and the spider web. And I definitely recognize the line of cars under a mountain of snow!

    Praying that this next procedure goes well! Enjoy your time with family,

  17. Sending more good energy and well wishes your way.

  18. You are such a beautiful gal and wife to Jud ~ how you must delight the hearts of everyone around you! Peace and wellness are my prayers fo you and Jud. Lovingly Yours ~ Katie

    (ps i hope you have received my little package by now... please let me know if you haven't <3)

  19. Hi - of course I am keeping you in my thoughts, sending positive thoughts your way. The treatment available surely gives great hope - please keep us up-to-date on Jud's wellbeing.
    Amazing photographs and I love how you can focus on the beauties of nature and what is surrounding you - you have great strength.
    Lynne M

  20. Good morning Suz. I woke up this morning and you were my first thought. I just wanted you to know that you were in my heart right at this moment.

  21. Suz,
    Jud will be in my prayers, and for you I ask that God fills you with his strength and Grace.

  22. Good for him! You are both still in my prayers.
    Enjoy your time in Mesa with your family!

  23. Sweet Suz,
    May the journey be filled with healing power.
    Hugs to you,

  24. Oh Suz, I am so sorry that you are having these struggles. I will lift you and Jud up in prayer to our Heavenly Father, and ask Him to remind you that you are not going through it alone. Hugs to you both.

  25. Suz, I hope you all know that all your blogging friends are with you in spirit as you travel this road ahead! Know that each of us will be praying for a complete and healthy recovery! Blessings for today.

  26. i will surely hold you close and hope this wonderful technology serves jud well...xo